Nightclub Manual

Ryan Dahlstrom Nightclub Manual has over 1000 pages of Fully Editable Handbooks, Reports, Guides, Job Descriptions, Pricing Guides, Cash Flow Sheets, Private Event Contracts, Inventory Reports, Order Guides, Operating Procedures and everything else it takes to open or operate a successful Bar, Restaurant, Nightclub or Entertainment Facility.

If your Operating without proper tools, procedures and training, Your operating a failing business. Ryan Dahlstrom Nightclub Manual is your solution.


Are you satisfied with your current bottom line profit?
Are you satisfied with each revenue-generating department?
Are you satisfied with the performance of your current staff?
Are you satisfied with your current success?


Ryan Dahlstrom is focused on increasing the profitability of bars & restaurants through innovative operation and marketing techniques. We offer full on-site turnkey consultancy programs, as well as percentage based virtual management services. Our Team at NIGHTCLUB MANAGEMENT has the experience, resources & expertise to evaluate your entire operation & provide you with the necessary support to improve your financial results while elevating your guest experience.

Want to open a Bar or Restaurant?
Ryan Dahlstrom offer’s packages for Start Up Businesses, as well as full Remodel Packages.

Nightclub Investment Opportunities

Our Marketing & Promotions team is second to none. We can create marketing & promotions programs to fit any budget for any size venue.

Every Market is different and its imperative that you have the proper Market Analysis to be a successful Bar, Restaurant or Nightclub.

Our Website Team at RESCUE MY BAR is a Full Service Digital Agency that has been producing award winning digital media for over 15 years.


Ryan Dahlstrom Nightclub Management Design

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