Nightclub Hall of Fame Announces The Top 100 Nightclubs

America’s Nightclubs Earned Over $1.36 Billion In Annual Revenue.

PRESS RELEASE MAR 24, 2016 14:00 MDT

Las Vegas, NV, March 24, 2016 – The Nightclub Hall of Fame just released that they are now registering Nightclubs Across the World to take part in the Top 100 Nightclub Awards.

“The Nightclub Hall of Fame is the most anticipated and highly sought after accolade in the Nightclub Industry today. So Its only fitting to announce the Nightclub Hall of Fame Top 100 Nightclubs of The World.”

We reached out to the President of the Nightclub Hall of Fame, Ryan Dahlstrom, and asked what makes this Top 100 Nightclub list, different then any of the other reported lists out there.

Here is what he said –

“Because we’re an industry brand made up of the Top Industry Professions in the world, we understand that nightclubs across the globe all have different things to offer as well as different rules & limitations of operations. 

Therefor when we rank the Top 100 Nightclubs of The World, there will be numerous factors that we take into consideration. Things like; Annual Revenue versus Per Head Revenue, Venue Capacity, the type of Venue, what Country, City and State the venue is located in and most importantly Fan Votes & Industry Reviews.” – Ryan Dahlstrom President of the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

With Nightclubs in Las Vegas being one of the top revenue sources for the market, and Nightclubs across the globe getting more and more popular, we can’t wait to see who makes the list of the Top 100 Nightclubs by the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

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Nightclub Hall of Fame News

Victor Drai Nightclub Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

with Ryan Dahlstrom, Preston Rideout, Sancho Van Ryan and Michael Sartain.

The Nightclub Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for Victor Drai was a Industry Mega Party with all the Top Nightclub and Bar Industry leaders in Las Vegas. Victor Drai accepted his Induction Ceremony Plaque from Ryan Dahlstrom and Preston Rideout, followed by a extravagant Las Vegas Style Fireworks show

Nightlife legend, Victor Drai, talks with Michael Sartain from VivaVegasTV about his induction into the Nightclub Hall of Fame. In the interview Victor Drai discusses his youth, his inspirations growing up and the origins of Drai’s After Hours and Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub. He also talks about the hard work it takes to be successful in the nightlife industry. Also, there are interviews from Travis Keys, the publisher of Las Vegas Weekly, Tiffany Masters, a Las Vegas icon, and Ryan Dahlstom, the founder of the Nightclub Hall Of Fame see this page.

Victor Drai recently opened up Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub at the new Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Presented by:


Drai opened XS nightclub at Encore Las Vegas in 2008.[25] In 2010, XS won Nightclub & Bar Awards for “New Club of the Year” and “Mega-Club of the Year.[26] ” In 2013, Nightclub & Bar Magazine awarded XS the “Mega-Club of the Year.[27] ” Technomic, the Chicago-based hospitality market research firm that partners with Nightclub & Bar magazine on The Top 100, named XS number one nightclub in the nation for 2010.[28] In 2010, Drai was bought out of his managing partnership at Steve Wynn’s Tryst and XS to pursue other endeavors.[29]

Drai’s opened his latest Las Vegas club project Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub on Memorial Day Weekend 2014 in Las Vegas at The Cromwell Las Vegas.[30] This 65,000-square-foot venue has a party pool and an indoor/outdoor club spread out over two levels on top of the new Cromwell Hotel.[31]

One of Sixteen Professionals listed in the Nightclub Hall Of Fame[32]

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